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I've spent in Toruń last three years of my life, I can call them 'the best three years of my life' without hesitation. That's why I've decided to write a bit about this marvelous town. I don't want to make it a boring history lesson, so let me show you some photos :)

One day I went to the shop in the evening and here is what I saw: 

I have no idea why the buildings were illuminated like this, what occasion was that, but I enjoy it a lot. That's the best thing about living in Toruń, almost every day something like this happens, so every time you vist the old town you see something new. 

 There is a legend about a boy playing violin and leading frogs out of the town. Many towns have similar legends, but in Toruń frogs are everywhere! You can buy little porcelain ones on the souvenirs stalls, you can see small sculptures scattered all over the town. And if you walk by this fountain and you pet one of the frogs you will be lucky. That's why their backs are so shiny :)

 One of the Toruń's districts during New Year's Eve celebration. 
High Street.
On the left there is small shop with all kinds of handmade jewelry, I spent there so much money! 

Narrow, medieval street. I took this pic when I went there with my employer and a Japanese lady who wanted to paint something with a lot of bricks during her lesson.

 Toruń on a sunny, spring day. There are many magnolia trees in the town and when they bloom it's so beautiful! On the last pic you can see a very posh restaurant, I've never eaten there, but I've heard it's quite good. 
Vistula river. The longest river in Poland, it flows through Toruń. So far there are only two bridges connecting both shores, but the third is under construction and shall be ready in two years.

 Toruń's old town seen from the other side of the river. 
 The center of old town. All people meet by Copernicus monument when they go out with friends. Every time someone hangs out with their friends they meet there, so always you can see people waiting. 

 The oldest church in Toruń. I've been there only once when I attended a wedding ceremony. 

 On this street was a very good Chinese restaurant. They made really delicious food! Unfortunately it's been closed for few months already. I hope they'll reopen. 
 Here I got my first and so far the last tattoo :)

I know the quality of these pics is just horrible, but I don't have anything better, anyway I just wanted to show you how Toruń looks in the winter. The last pic shows post office. If you ask me it's one of the most beautiful buildings here. 

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